South Mountains State Park '19


Now that I have a couple of years experience in hiking and camping I was ready to give the Upper Falls trail another shot. It was just as difficult but over time I had developed the ability to just suck it up and power through. Hiking with a backpack will always be more difficult than regular day-hiking.


We remembered having a delicious lunch at Harvest Moon Grille in Lincolnton on the way home so we decided to stop for lunch before beginning our hike. It was about 30 minutes away from the Visitor Center so we had enough time to digest in time for the strenuous hike ahead. This sweet potato burger was absolutely incredible.



Heading up the massive mountain with a 20 pound backpack is extremely hard. It would have been hard with just my own weight. My hiking poles are such a lifesaver, I would not have been able to do it without them. Thank you Lidl! Once we made it to the top I felt equal parts amazing and exhausted. Happy it was over. Happy I finished.



When I reserved the campsite I didn’t realize, only hoped, that it would be the same spot we had 3 years ago. Turns out it was! It’s a perfect hidden spot away from the open field and a bit more privacy than the others. Being next to a stream is preferable for many reasons. The sound of the babbling brook and free flowing water for our new filter, a lifesaver since hiking with water can be very heavy.



The Earth has so many amazing hidden areas that with a little bit of effort, strength and ambition the views are at your fingertips. While it isn’t a breathtakingly large waterfall, it is a waterfall nonetheless and it is beautiful and bigger than us.