Charleston '16


This is the beginning of our annual trips to Charleston for Eric’s birthday weekend. It’s the week before Thanksgiving so it’s a nice idea to get away one last time before holiday season. Plus the weather is perfect this time of year to spend the day wandering around downtown.

Our first stop is always a walk on the dock at Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. We book a hotel in MP because it’s a lot cheaper than a Charleston address and still a very short drive for an Uber.



We plan to spend the day walking around downtown stopping at any shops we find interesting. I love small coffee shops and we couldn’t pass up a midday pick-me-up.



Of course there are brewery stops when Eric is planning. We made a quick one at Westbrook Brewing then after checking into the hotel we start the evening at Revelry Brewing.



Lunch at Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island is one of the must-do’s whenever I travel down to Charleston. I have vacationed with friends in the the past and we never miss this opportunity so I needed to share this with Eric on our first trip together.

The burger toppings and sauces can be made on a regular meat patty or grilled chicken breast. Choosing which one to have is the hardest part, from fried pickles to buffalo shrimp.


Now that we’ve gotten our last trip in for the year we are now ready for the hoilday season. Happy 2016 to everyone :)