The Improper Pig

What Does #beimproper Mean?

Most of you have seen on our local Charlotte social media sites that Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives visited us this past week. Guy Fieri took some time to meet up some of the Queen City's favorite spots, Bang Bang Burgers, JJ's Red Hots and The Improper Pig. This episode of Triple D is appropriately named "Beef, Lamb and Pig".

I have gotten to know the in's and out's of The Improper Pig over the past year from when I first started blogging about food. Everyone behind The Improper Pig is a pleasure to be around. The owner Will Bigham, GM Gavin Toth, Head Chef Dar Amidi and the awesome media team behind Stomp, Chomp & Roll, Chris Soto & Fernanda Zendejas. They all have welcoming smiles that make you feel like you're part of their little family.

I met with the Improper team over a year ago. During that meeting, it became clear to me what the “The Improper Pig” actually meant. With extensive knowledge of Asian cuisine from operating the former restaurant Mama Fu’s and having a passion for BBQ, a new twist on the southern staple was born.

Since their dream wasn’t going to follow the proper, expected and typical path of menu creation that would be commonly seen here in the South, naming it The Improper Pig just made sense.

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Southern BBQ with an Asian Twist

When I saw "Asian Shrimp Tacos" on the menu at a BBQ restaurant I admit I had some doubts. The Cotswold Village is very close to my home so for the past several months I've made many trips here. I've come to love the unique options and tell everyone to come check it out for themselves.

I think it's neat that I can order different styles of food at the same place. Menu items like BBQ Egg Rolls, Chow Bao Taco, No Pig Sandwich, Beet Salad, or even Spiced Edamame and the aforementioned Asian Shrimp Tacos. To me, it seems like there would be something for everyone. It's more than just a BBQ joint.

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They also have Burger Features, Taco Tuesday Deals, Fusion Specials, a Catering Menu and over 20 brands of Bourbon & Whiskey. View the menu here!

Homemade sauces are always appreciated right? They make all kinds of different sauces for you to choose from so there is no excuse for your meats to go naked. My two favorites are Mary B's and Queen Bee. Other flavors are Eastern BBQ, Korean-style, Tong’s Thai, Teriyaki, General’s, Buffalo, Inferno, Jeff’s Mustard and Spicy Hoisin.

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Good Luck Soup

My two favorite menu items are the Good Luck Soup and the side of Spicy Green Beans.

A Good Luck Soup is traditionally eaten on New Year's Day as a "good luck" meal. Since we usually need luck more than once, they've got it on the menu all year round! It's their version of a Brunswick Stew with collard greens, sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, brisket and pulled pork.

Their Spicy Green Beans are, in my personal opinion, award winning for the best side item in the world. I will leave their recipe a secret so you don't try to make them at home and come here instead!

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The Bab

In case you wanted an entire meal on the top of your Bloody Mary, The Bab is for you. House made Bloody Mary mix, chicken slider, pork slider, chicken wing, smoked bacon, mini cornbread muffin, onion rings, pickle, olives, and more!

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Homemade Desserts

This little delight right here is a homemade sugar cookie with vanilla icecream. It's served to you in one big round circle about the size of a dinner plate and cut into fours. The cookie is still warm! They also have seasonal skillet cobblers that are equally as delicious.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

If you're interested in seeing Dar say "cilantra" instead of "cilantro", check out the details on Triple D's visit here!

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Connect with The Improper Pig Facebook | Insta | Twitter and don't forget to follow The Oinker food truck to see where they'll be next!

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