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Antiques & Sandwiches?

Those two things don't sound like they relate to one another but they do. Back in the late 70s, the owner of an antique shop in Chicago would toast his lunch sandwiches in one of the iron ovens in the showroom. His customers would come in and smell the delicious aroma coming from this oven and this eventually gave him the idea to open up a sandwich shop. Now at over 400 shops they are still full steam ahead! Read more about their story here.

Potbelly Stove

There is an antique potbelly stove in every single one of their stores, pretty much making them the largest collector of these little (heavy) guys. They were originally used in homes, train stations or even in schools to provide warmth. It is cast-iron wood-burning stove with a huge bulge in the middle, matching its given name. And a small flat plate at the top that can be used for cooking or heating water.

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Good Vibes, Great Sandwiches

There are 15 sandwiches, 11 "skinnys", 6 salads and 7 soups to choose from. Ranging from Smoked Ham to a Pizza Sandwich and then some as simple as a Grilled Cheese or Tuna Salad. The most popular sandwiches at the Uptown location are the Mediterranean and A Wreck, their signature sandwich.

Mediterranean | zippy hummus, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, crisp cucumbers and roasted red peppers on multi-grain

A Wreck | salami, angus roast beef, oven roasted turkey, hickory smoked ham with melted Swiss cheese topped with fresh lettuce, tomato and mayo on multi-grain.

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Shakes & Smoothies

If you are looking for something sweet to end you meal you have about 14 different ones to choose from. I was treated to two this time around, an Oreo and Mixed Berry. An Oreo shake is always wonderful and I've only ever had a single berry shake like strawberry or blueberry, so it t it was a nice surprise to have one with them all.

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Connect with Potbelly and visit their uptown location or... one coming soon to your neighborhood!


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