Healthy Breakfast Ideas

They say it's the most important meal of the day, whoever "they" are. Whether it is or not, I agree! I love breakfast. I enjoy morning routines. Coffee brewing, bacon frying, fresh fruit and the plethora of news and food photos streaming on my iPad to get my brain started for the day.

As much as I love making breakfast for myself, I eat out pretty often. I forget sometimes how it feels to create something yourself. I go through spurts of making breakfast every day to stopping by Bojangles every day. My life has no "grey area". I'm either eating really well or really horrible! I could be going for a run after work or being a couch potato.

I used to hate anything other than simple white bread as a kid. Anything with nuts or seeds was gross. I'm now in my thirties and wouldn't be caught dead buying white bread. I've found a love for seeded bread, specifically Eureka! Bread "Seeds the Day". I'm also a sucker for clever names.

Here are some local names and organic brands you'll see throughout:

Cloister Honey |Suarez Bakery | Trader Joe's |Dilworth Coffee |Applegate|Siggi's

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