O-ku at Unknown

Best Day Ever

I've been to clothing pop-ups but never food pop-ups! When I heard of this event, I just had to be there. Two of my favorite things combined into one event, sushi + beer!

O-Ku Charlotte teamed up with Unknown Brewing for an exclusive 5 course dinner pairing. Specialty sushi + craft beer brewed for this event made for an evening full of flavor and happy company. I always enjoy seeing all of the familiar faces from the Charlotte social food scene at events like these.

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About O-Ku Charlotte

Based out of Charleston, SC O-Ku has expanded to Atlanta, GA and to SouthEnd's Atherton Mill here in Charlotte. Their menu is traditional with a mix of contemporary sushi offerings. All can be accompanied by their craft cocktails and sake, meant to represent and celebrate Japanese culture.

They pride themselves in their ability to feature seafood from some of the finest fish markets in Hawaii and Tokyo while also using local and seasonal ingredients. Fresh, local & seasonal is what we like to see here in Charlotte #amiright?!

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About Unknown Brewing

Unknown Brewing is all about living a life of freedom, fun and going beyond your boundaries. Having a positive outlook stems from doing what they love... making really great beer. They aren't afraid to try something new, unique or different when it comes to their recipes.

Step into the Unknown" and #livewithoutboundaries is the motto among the Unknown team.

For this event, they brewed some super interesting recipes! Sake Beer, a Wasabi Stout, Cucumber Kolsch and Sriracha Amber.

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Sushi & Beer Pairing

  • Pre-Meal | Edamame + Pre-Game Session Ale

  • Course 1 | Spicy Scallop Hand Roll + Ginger Wheat

  • Course 2 | Salmon Lemon Roll + Wasabi Stout

  • Course 3 | Yellowtail Carpaccio + Cucumber Kolsch

  • Course 4 | Tuna Tataki with Asian Pear + Sriracha Amber

  • Course 5 | Spicy Tuna Hako Box with Squid Ink Rice + Sake Beer

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Samurai Show

For the last course pairing, we were treated with a short sword-fighting routine performed by Feint and Parry Stage Combat. Even though it was only a few minutes, it was an exciting way to end a night of great sushi and fantastic beer.

Two "actors" came out and started play-fighting as if one was training the other (pictured). It seemed as though everyone was thinking "Is this just a play about Samurai's, what's going on here?". Then, the twosome left the stage and were replaced with professional looking Samaurai's, face makeup and all. I understood them to be a representation of the future selves of the other two. They were very serious and had legit metal on metal sword fights. I was sitting front row and had my fingers crossed the entire time that they kept tight grips, yikes!

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It was such a fun evening, a huge thank you to everyone! A special shout-out to Aly and Laura fromPhase3 Marketing, you two are awesome.

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